nudge كتاب بالعربي pdf


nudge كتاب بالعربي pdf، يأتي كتاب Nudge لمؤلفيه من ريتشارد ثالر وكاس سنشتاين _حتى وإن لم يكن المؤلفان واعيين بذلك_ متعالقًا مع فرضية الإدراك التي اطلاقها جون سيرل في كتابه «رفعة الأشياء كما هي»، بل مع كل تقاليد الفكر الفينومينولوجي الذي يرى أننا لا ندرك الأشياء بل هي التي تدركنا، ويتقاطع مع … أتمَ القراءة » Fb Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest

Nudge is about how we make these selections and the way we will make higher ones. Utilizing dozens of eye-opening examples and drawing on a long time of behavioral science analysis, Nobel Prize winner Richard H. Thaler and Harvard Legislation College professor Cass R. Sunstein present that no alternative is ever introduced to us in a impartial method, and that we’re all inclined to biases that may lead us to make unhealthy choices.

nudge كتاب بالعربي pdf

Nudge: The Closing Version kindle composed by Richard H. Thaler. A Kindle is just a little hand-held digital gadget for reviewing books, which is created by on-line retailer As an alternative as you obtain and set up an iPod or MP3 gamer with songs, you obtain and set up books (via cordless fashionable know-how) on a Kindle and in addition try them on it.

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